Peets Pets

Deliverables  UI Design
Role  UI/UX Designer

Peet's Pets is a pet adoption center and retail store that focuses on finding a loving home to furry friends. Prospective pet parents are able to learn more about adopting a dog or cat and to shop for their new pet via the intuitive online store.  


Research & Goals 


Developing a series of interview questions would help me identify pain points necessary to develop a roadmap of the UX experience. What sets Peet's Pets apart from the competition? What is the adoption process like? What are some of the most important features that needed to be included in the dashboard? Why?

My goal was to gather generative data that would help me in finding insights in the early stages of the design process. Once I had gathered enough data, I began prioritizing them into affinity maps.

Creating a Persona



With the information gathered I developed the following persona on a manageable and memorable cast of characters. Since there this pain point addressed two different users it was important to develop a persona that addressed the needs of the staff (example below) as well as the type of customer base that tends to adopt pets. User personas allowed me to design with both users in mind. 

Building Task Flows  

Based on the information collected, a task flow was created reflecting the adoption process. Involves both stakeholders that are codependent in order to sucessfully go through the adoption process.  On one end the user goes through the selection process and the other user needs to perform the tasks to complete the adoption process. 


Time to get to business! Once all the research and insight was completed I had a better-informed idea of what my users need. It was time to put all that data to use and distil it into wireframes where I explore dashboard concepts and landing page ideas. Here are some examples of more refined wireframes exploring dashboard concepts.

Hi–Fi Mockups

Next case study?

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