Postcards/Marketing Collateral/Illustrations

Visual Designer

Grovo is a workplace learning company that combines engaging content and modern technology to deliver a better way to learn at work.  Headquartered in New York City, I spent a summer interning as a Visual Designer in Grovo's Design team.  I developed a variety of projects ranging from designing marketing collateral, creating custom visuals for sales pitches, and promotional materials for slide decks. Here are some of the highlights.



Design  Arturo Navarrete  
Illustration  Matt Jackson, Arturo Navarrete, Max Heimberger

I designed these postcards for the People Relations team after discussing approaches for engaging with existing Grovo clients. The postcards highlight that employees love to useGrovo's software because of its portability and clean design. 

MobiIe iPhone Lock Screen Backgrounds

Design Arturo Navarrete
Illustration  Max Heimberger  Alexander Collins

These mobile lock screens were designed for Grovo staff and were intended to provide the team with a sense of pride about the revamped design aesthetic in the upcoming Grovo product redesign.    

Grovo Lockups

Design  Arturo Navarrete
Brandmark  Alexander Collins

These lockups were designed to serve a multifunctional purpose and were added to the asset library so that employees could use them on slide decks or any other printed collateral.

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