UI/UX/Typography/Visual Identity/Branding/Wireframes/Design Research/Letterpress/Concept Development

Adobe Illustrator/InDesign/Photoshop/Sketch/After Effects/Premier/HTML/CSS

Metropolitan State University of Denver
2012-2016 (December)

 MSU Denver’s BFA in Communication Design has three distinct focal points: design fundamentals, traditions of the discipline and interactive time-based content. 


My work involves creating simple digital design solutions that are intuitive and streamlined to adapt to human experiences. I apply design to improve the lives of others and making this world a better place.

I consider myself a lifelong student of the discipline. English biologist Thomas Huxley once said, “Try to learn something about everything and everything about something.” As designers, we are drawn to learn from different disciplines in order to understand and communicate to our audiences. The value of research is important because we are able to discover innovative ideas by delving deeper and finding insights from our users. This adds value to design and its importance to human existence.

Growing up as a bicultural individual, my design sensibilities are influenced by an empathetic worldview. I was raised in a very family oriented, working-class Mexican household, where the definition of success is deeply rooted in the well-being of the entire family. This contrasts with the meaning of success in the United States, where individual success is the cultural norm. I have lived my whole life between two cultures and this allows me to use empathy as a skill to my design practice. 

I am interested in user interface and branding systems. I enjoy creating digital platforms for human interactions and finding insights that help me improve the lives of many. I have adapted a simple and reductiveness approach in my designs, derived from the Swiss Style. I am connected with the idea that most design should be functional and I see much of this theory to be applicable in digital design. I love creating simple designs that convey a clear message to the user and eliminating as much friction as possible. Branding systems is something that takes the same approach too. 

I thrive by absorbing information in the research stage, prior to finalizing details in the finished product. Nothing excites me more than seeing a project go from concept to realization. Design is a powerful tool capable of making this world a better place.   

I am currently living in San Francisco, CA.



George Bokhua

Bokhuas’ approach to branding is something that I really admire. He creates these beautiful simple marks that successfully communicate to the audience. He is from Georgia (The country) but now resides in New York City. I am drawn to his process throughout all his work; using reductiveness and breaking down every single element to a geometric form.

Jessica Hische

Jessica Hische is a lettering artist that currently splits her time between San Francisco and Brooklyn. My interests in lettering and typography led me to admire the work that she has done. My work currently does not reflect any connections to her aesthetic style, but I am mostly inspired by her personality.  To me, she is very personable and clever, two traits that make her very humble and human. 

Jessica Walsh

Jessica Walsh is a Designer based in New York City. She is a partner at Sagmeister & Walsh and teaches Typography at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. I am inspired by the way she uses color and her high level of conceptuality that is apparent in most of her work. I find her work to be emotionally engaging yet very playful with a sense of humor.

Paul Rand

His corporate/international style and his philosophy is something that has influenced the design world in the United States. What I admire most about Paul Rand is his directness. He had great intuition and design sensibilities that made him a very successful as a designer.

Joseph Mueller Brockman

My inspiration for Joseph Mueller Brockman comes from his book “ Grid Systems.” I find myself referencing his book often because he makes points that are still relevant today. To me,  ‘Grid Systems’ is a well-crafted guide to design that is packed with a lot of power and inspiration. I really admire his use and approach to design as something that is meant to be functional and organized.

Berger & Föhr

Based out of Boulder, CO their work reflects some of the reductiveness and simplicity that I am drawn to. Their use of Typography and geometry is apparent in their work and there’s a strong connection to European design styles that are closely related to Swiss international style. I am really interested in directing my focus in the same light as theirs.